Intelligent Automation can transform the future of your business, giving you a host of insights and analysis whilst allowing you to position key team members into valuable areas of your business such as customer-facing and creative roles.

Intelligent Automation is so much more than just data and repetitive tasks – it’s smart thinking and decision making in orchestration. Find out more about the value of orchestration, here:

Intelligent Automation & Orchestration

Businesses lose sight of the time they spend on making decisions, reasoning and rationale – time-exhaustive, and complex, processes that can restrict the productivity of departments. Automation is the key to solving this and, as an intelligent platform, Cortex can provide an intelligent solution that orchestrates your business outcomes.

What Is Service Orchestration?

Service orchestration is when a sequence of actions, processes and tasks and arranged strategically to achieve a business objective. With the objectives outlined, the orchestration sequences activities to achieve these – essentially pulling all the threads of your business processes together. Orchestration is made up of a number of sub-set processes and tasks within an organisation, each of which may be automated individually, bringing them together to in a decision-driven environment to meet an overall outcome.

What Are The Core Pillars Of Orchestration?

Orchestration has multiple capabilities across organisations of all sectors, but it always follows the following key principles:

  • The ability to sense
  • The ability to analyse
  • The ability to decide
  • The ability to act

Once the orchestration flow has performed these four key principles it can close the loop of actions, having achieved the desired objective.

What Are The Benefits Of Orchestration & Insights For Your Business?

Intelligent automation and service orchestration can bring a number of advantages to your business, helping you stand apart from competitors. Get smart, strategic decision making in real-time, analyse and contextualise huge volumes of data at speed and free up skilled team members to focus on other key areas of your business such as product enhancement and creative innovation.

Find Out More About Intelligent Automation Insights

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