The EU Commission has announced it plans to draft up new guidelines on data ownership and liability to keep up with vast developments in the M2M (Machine-to-Machine) industry.

With device interconnection growing at breathtaking pace, the EU Commission has said it’s to consult on whether additional guidance or legislation would be needed, reports. This would also be expanded out to the internet of things, which the Commission said is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years.

Such a move would be needed, it claimed, because without clarity on data ownership issues, otherwise positive innovation may be unwittingly stifled. It will also prevent data issues from arising in future, such as those which have long plagued the likes of Google and Facebook. With suitable anonymising and pseudonymising in place, M2M can progress without fear or scepticism from the wider public.

In a ‘communication paper’ published on, the Commission explained: “[We] will launch a consultation and expert group to assess the need for guidance on specific issues of data ownership and liability of data provision.”

The communication paper went on to note that “digital data, computation and automation” was happening on an “unprecedented scale”. This was helping the industry to develop “new products and services, as well as new business processes and scientific methodologies.”

As such, it concluded, M2M was helping to drive a “new industrial revolution”.

Author: David Howells