Businesses should think about what they want from automation before rolling anything out, the founder of The Wow Company has said.

Writing for, Paul Bulpitt notes that, while there is no secret to successfully automating, it’s good to spend some time thinking about what results a firm would like to see from business process automation (BPA). He points out there are a number of reasons why businesses may want to automate its processes, which include saving money, providing consistent results, giving businesses more time and make processes easier to scale up.

A recent survey from Veeam revealed that decision making and transactions are increasingly being automated by businesses, reports This, in turn, is putting pressure on CIOs, as businesses now require constant access to IT services.

Mr Bulpitt says it’s important that organisations only automate one or two things at a time, otherwise it’s easy to over complicate things, which only puts more pressure on CIOs. Research is also vital; there are hundreds of reviews of products available on the internet, but firms should speak to similar businesses and find out what they use. If it works for them, it’s likely to work for their business too.

“Don’t forget though, automation is just about those processes that could, and therefore should, be done by a robot – the processes that don’t require human intervention,” Mr Bulpitt notes.

“The computer won’t come up with the original ideas you do, nor will a software application be able to compete with the warmth of your friendly smile – as the big corporations found when they outsourced key customer facing operations, anything that benefits from that human touch can never be successfully outsourced or automated.”

Author: Laura Varley