The global IT industry is set to grow five per cent in 2015, which is significantly higher than the 3.4 per cent expansion seen the previous year, CompTIA’s ‘IT Industry Outlook 2015’ reveals.

There are a number of factors that will drive the expansion of the IT industry this year – CompTIA has identified 12 key trends. Security is set to remain a pressing issue for many businesses, so organisations will need to come up with new ways to approach the issue and commit to further employee training, reports

Moreover, businesses will be able to benefit from the opportunities created by the Internet of Things as devices become increasingly connected to one another, reports They will need to fill some skill gaps, however. The ability to manage data will become particularly sought after.

Vice president of research and market intelligence at CompTIA, Tim Herbert, said although the predictions are positive, executives need to be aware growth could be slowed at any time by unexpected events, such as international turmoil or shocks to the economy.

“The amazing pace of innovation over the past five years will enter a new phase of maturity in 2015, driving value and benefits to untapped users around the world,” he noted.

“The steadily improving Business Confidence Index suggests there is a feeling that we’ve finally reached an acceptable degree of stability across the economy. There is an expectation this will translate to even greater levels of investment in technology.”