The NHS offers a great opportunity for new developments from the technology industry, according to one expert.

Warren East, chairman of Electronic Systems: Challenged and Opportunities (ESCO) believes there is great potential to work alongside the NHS for the provision of new technology, reports However, a few things would need to change before this could happen.

“The NHS is buying from overseas,” he said, “because it seems that working together is too difficult. Nevertheless, we’re getting clinicians and industry together and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes out of those discussions.”

This comes after reported that the University of Leicester NHS Trust had implemented a cloud invoicing solution to help save time for its Accounts Payable team.

Martin Donnelly, permanent secretary at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, noted the contribution which innovation can make to the economy. He said: “Improving government procurement is a strategic tool and the NHS is critical for this.”

The ESCO report published last year laid out a vision for the development of the Electronic Systems industry as a key part of the UK’s economy. Although it appears to have got off to a slow start, East has strong plans to achieve these big ambitions.

He added: “Progress has been slower than we would have hoped for. But we’re aiming to accelerate in year two and to increase the effectiveness of the council.

“We want to raise the visibility and the profile of electronic systems so people are not just talking about the latest phone, but also about how people are inspired to come and work in the sector.”

Author: Chloe Menage