There are multiple stages within an employee’s life cycle, each of which can be directly enhanced through automation. From onboarding and management of your Joiners, Movers, and Leavers processes to ensuring your teams have immediate access to the right information, at the right time, automation can help improve employee experience with benefits including:

  • Reduce pain points within their role – Intelligent Automation can remove areas of your business that result in friction or pain points for your employees.
  • Focusing on areas of expertise – Automating manual, resource-heavy tasks provides your team time to focus on areas of true expertise.
  • Boost Engagement – improve retention and performance, retaining vital skills and business knowledge from more engaged employees.
  • Satisfaction from improved customer experience – Automation which focuses on your customer experience can have a direct impact on your employee experience too – with staff getting more satisfaction out of their role through positive feedback and customer interactions.
  • Hitting KPIs – by automating key areas of business including customer response and process adjudication, employees can find it easier to hit the individual KPIs within their role.
  • Consistent Operations – Automated processes deliver improvements in the quality and consistency of operational activity.

Employee Experience at the Centre of Digital Evolution

One of the biggest challenges in the adoption of Intelligent Automation is employee buy-in. For many team members, new technology adoption can be seen as a negative experience – a risk to their job security. It’s important that organisations put time into a strategic communications plan and delivery from senior stakeholders and champions of the benefits that automation can bring to their roles and the notion that service orchestration is designed to enhance their careers – not replace them.

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