How Enterprise Service Orchestration Can Change Your Business

Intelligent Automation is a key component of driving real change in enterprise organisations. From telecoms and insurance to retail and health, enterprise organisations from every industry can benefit from the automation capabilities of Intelligent Automation, and the power of Service Orchestration.  Find out more about what those opportunities could mean for your business today:

What is Service Orchestration?

In the world of Intelligent Automation, ‘service orchestration’ is the direction of appropriate processes and actions that Intelligent Automation software can arrange to strategically achieve an optimum business outcome.

Orchestration in business and IT draws direct parallels from Manufacturing Execution Systems and Advanced Control Engineering and, in this context, is all about decisions controlling the execution of Processes, Tasks and Functions.

How Can it Benefit Your Enterprise Organisation?

For many businesses, there is a huge focus on ‘back office’ administration – such as finance and HR – and operational processes, but these don’t always align. Intelligent Automation gives you the capabilities to combine the two, delivering more than just task-based automation services.

Bring Each Aspect of Your Business Together in a Decision-Driven Environment

From automated employee onboarding or straight-through processing of transactions to service provisioning for cloud or self-healing infrastructures, Intelligent Automation can play a fundamental role across your business, and service orchestration can bring each aspect of your organisation together to achieve your outcomes.

Increase Business Agility

Cortex’s Intelligent Automation platform is powerful due to its agility – allowing your business to quickly scale and be deployed across multiple domains avoiding traditional silos or ‘remote islands’ of automation. Invest in a platform that will grow with you and maximise return on investment.

Enhance the Customer Journey

Across many industries, customers now expect the next step in service, from immediacy in communication to frictionless buyer journeys. These processes are something that Intelligent Automation can help you implement, allowing you to stand out from competitors and deliver an outstanding service.

Discover How Cortex Intelligent Automation Can Help Your Business

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