Intelligent Automation is a powerful solution that can be applied to multiple areas and roles within the insurance industry. From automation for claims handling and adjudication to enterprise service automation, our solution can help innovate and grow a range of processes streamlining the accuracy of your business and improving agility.

Find out some of the key operational challenges that Intelligent Automation can solve for the insurance industry, here:

Solving Operational Challenges With Intelligent Automation

Remove error from manual processes

Manual tasks are prone to human error, particularly those involving larger volumes and work and high levels of repetitive action. Eliminate potential errors with technology that enables you to speed up output, improve customer experience, and minimise the risk of impact that mistakes can have on your business.

Orchestrate multiple systems

Bring together the threads of multiple systems within your business with service orchestration. Cortex’s advanced Intelligent Automation platform ensures that systems within your business can work cohesively, giving you data-driven insights and an end-to-end solution to achieve your goals.

Enhance legacy technology and infrastructure

Is your business restricted by an outdated infrastructure? An IA platform can seamlessly update your existing systems, giving you new capabilities for your business operations. Scale with ease, increase agility and improve your output with a comprehensive system that can meet your unique business requirements.

Deliver outstanding customer experience

The ‘want it/need it now’ demand is an expectation that has filtered through from other industries to become the ‘new normal’ for the insurance sector. Clients now expect more – from quicker communication channels and improved service output, to accelerated claims processing and frictionless customer journeys. Retaining customers is key but to meet their needs businesses are instead looking towards Intelligent Automation systems that can achieve their goals.

Modernise your work procedures

With an increasing number of competitors entering the insurance industry, it is important your business stands out in the market. Future-proofing technology is needed to complete operational challenges at a rapid pace, compete with new threats, and innovate with ease.

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