The majority of Business Executives are not aligned with the state of their business operations. What does this mean for automation? For a successful automation project, it is imperative that all the decision-makers and subject matter experts are aligned with the vision. The vision is the end goal and should be understood by all involved in order to be successful and to enable operations to identify the key objectives and Key Performance Indicators that will measure success. In addition, at board level, the wider consequences of automating an aspect of the business should be considered.

Why are Business Executives not aligned on automation?


There is no doubt that our extensive experience in the enterprise automation market fully supports recent survey findings that CEO’s tend not to be aligned in their expectations of how structured or consistent their operations are and hence with those folk “at the coal face”. They certainly understand the automation imperative and potential benefits, but it is all too common to experience the famous Jean-Luc Picard “Make it so” disconnect. Unfortunately, willing something to happen and even making a budget (in some cases considerable amounts) available too often results in failure or at best marginal success. Certainly not transformative change. Automation in general and transformative automation specifically, requires fundamental shifts in thinking and approach. Selecting appropriate technologies and even a clear and consistent understanding of processes and workstreams are not enough to secure success.

How does Cortex help achieve buy-in Intelligent Automation?


Cortex has therefore invested significant efforts in building the Design Sprint Process we use with our engagements. This is specifically designed to ensure the high-level vision is articulated simply and clearly. That it is worked through with all stakeholders before such a programme is even started to confirm:

  1. Vision and requirements are clearly understood by all stakeholders
  2. Process and technical experts are fully engaged, and the tough questions asked and answered
  3. Processes evaluated in their “too be form” rather than just automating piecemeal around tasks
  4. Selected technologies are validated against requirements; immediate and future
  5. Buy in and enthusiasm is secured against a plan and the journey to achieve it

Not securing any one of the above will pose significant challenges to achieving any kind of transformative automation programme. So the nonalignment of Executives is just the tip of the iceberg; Automation is genuinely a team game!

Securing stakeholder buy-in with Digital Evolution

Digital Evolution is a lower-risk solution to Intelligent Automation integration that can help remove the friction of key stakeholder buy-in. Utilising existing tactical automations and business systems as foundations for a digital future, Digital Evolution enables the creation of an agile transformation strategy – allowing businesses to make changes to smaller areas of operations and minimise the impact of automation projects. This contained approach makes it easier to secure executive buy-in and, with granular reporting on success, you can effectively demonstrate the success that automation brings in order to gain approval for a wider roll-out.

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