Humans are too evolved to be replaced by robots and automated machines, a professor of economics at Purdue University has argued.

David Hummels says the main advantage people have over automated technology is the fact they are able to communicate with others well, something which we are so accomplished at thanks to evolution. He cited an example of someone visiting a doctor’s office. Although new systems are currently being developed to diagnose problems and provide the associated treatment, people want reassurance that they, or their close family member, will be okay. They would not want to hear such a response from a machine, reports

In fact, he believes that over 100,000 years of evolution means that robots and automated machines will never be able to match humans in terms of communication. However, he does admit that machines will be better at certain tasks than humans in the future.

“So what we’ll see are people working in concert with machines, which is something that happens quite a bit already,” he explained. “The laptop computer on my desk does a terrible job of conducting research or teaching students, but it makes me better at both jobs when I use it.”

If humans do start to suffer due to the rise in automated machines, he thinks that men will suffer the most, reports This is because, typically, men tend to be in roles which require strength, and automated tech will eventually& nbsp;be able to perform these tasks better, as it’s stronger and will never tire. Women dominate roles which require empathy and communication skills, so are less likely to suffer as a result of automation, Prof Hummels claims.

Author: Laura Varley