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TM Forum is a global industry association for communication and digital service providers. As part of their Catalyst Digital Showcase event, TM Forum showcased, ‘Automating service problem management business operations using the TM Forum Network-as-a-Service APIs’, that Cortex was involved in. The Digital Catalyst project was showcased on Thursday the 30th of July. The project was championed by BT and Vodafone and supported by Cortex, The OpenNMS Group, Solent University and Tech Mahindra.

Register to watch the Catalyst project session and Q&A session with Steve Connor Pre Sales OSS/BSS Specialist at Cortex, Lester Thomas Chief IT Systems Architect at Vodafone and Milind Bhagwat, Principal Enterprise Architect at BT, Craig Gallen Senior Lecturer at Solent University, and Consultant at The OpenNMS Group, and Nikhil Anand Principal Consultant of Tech Mahindra.

The Project

As part of the project, Cortex Intelligent Automation demonstrated how it can be deployed by CSPs as both a NaaS API Gateway and as a NaaS Service Orchestrator. Cortex Intelligent Automation integrates with legacy applications through existing non-NaaS APIs. Cortex then receives Inbound NaaS API messages and then converts them into the necessary API calls towards internal applications. This results in existing known and proven BAU functionality being executed. Likewise, Cortex is able to monitor the status of that existing BAU functionality and at appropriate times can initiate outbound NaaS API calls to the CSP customers and partners.

In the evolution to 5G, Intelligent Automation software is a prominent consideration for Communication Service Providers. Cortex Intelligent Automation can be deployed within CSPs to evolve and improve the network and become more agile in their operations.

Digital Transformation World Series 2020

This is the first phase of the Digital Catalyst project and the Catalyst Team will show the progress of the catalyst at the online TM Forum Digital Transformation World Series 2020 event from the 7th of October to the 12th of November 2020.

View the TM Forum Catalyst Project Session

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