Watch the latest Transforming the Future of Work; The Cortex Approach HERE

The Future of Work is a concept that’s now consistently bandied about in all circles. How can organisations get the best out of their employees? And how can the best employees get the most out of work? The answer to those two questions might be one in the same- intelligent automation.

Watch this interactive discussion with Seth Adler, focusing on how organizations and workers can realise the benefits of efficiency and have greater access to control of process all while reducing complexity.

We now know that RPA implementations don’t always succeed and the failures showcase the inverse with efficiency, control and complexity. Then reasons run the gamut but include shortage of people and skills, lack of documentation of existing processes, and a true cultural resistance.

Jonathan Hobday outlines how best to define objectives for your automation transformation program. Bringing you through alternative means with which to understand your operations. Comparing and contrasting hybrid automation and next generation models, and through to the selection of initial targets.

From there preparing to go agile will be rather straightforward.