Software businesses across the UK could learn a thing or two about automation from their Indian counterparts, if new data from Nasscom is anything to go by.

According to, Nasscom’s figures show that the country’s IT workforce grew by just 13,000 for every billion dollars of extra revenue, with an increasing number of companies taking advantage of process automation systems.

In the 12 months to March this year, the industry added 26,500 employees, bringing the total workforce to approximately 3,000,000. Just 14 years ago, the figure stood at 400,000. In the same period, total revenue has grown from $8 billion to $118 billion.

Nasscom’s head of research, Achyuta Ghosh, was positive about the data. He was quoted by as saying: “We are moving up the value chain, getting more dollar for every hour of work. And more automation of existing work means we are hiring less and less to achieve the same growth.”

Ghosh’s claims about jobs may do little to allay fears that greater levels of automation will harm recruitment prospects (both in the UK and India), but many others aren’t quite so fearful. Among them is Alka Dhingra from recruitment company TeamLease, who said: “[Businesses] will pay more and hire fewer, but they get top talent. More emphasis is placed now on software and technical skills.”

Author: Graeme Parton