The Industrialisation of IT processes is defining our journey into a smarter future. As we move to commoditise more complex processes creating smarter infrastructures using automated decision engines creating the automated factories of future IT.

In this third in the series we look at “automating the self-healing virtual data center”

  • Achieving 100% quality, compliance and governance
  •  Achieving true 24×7 operations
  • Reducing the unit cost of delivery by up to 96%!!

Learn how to achieve a lights out datacenter operation using the latest in integrated operational intelligence, automation and orchestration platforms you can migrate existing legacy, virtualised and cloud infrastructures to create resilient unified self-service, self-managing and self-healing datacenter services.

View the on demand webinar and learn how to:

  • Create the automated self-healing IT factory
  • Orchestrate cloud services with traditional data centers
  • Create a single self-service point for physical, virtual, and cloud-based services