IT infrastructures and operations are failing to meet today’s business requirements, particularly as they pertain to performance management and capacity planning, according to a leading analyst firm.

Gartner has warned that, by 2016, some 80 per cent of major companies will be risking business growth if performance and capacity management architectures are not revaluated, reports.

Ian Head, research director at Gartner, said: “While major organisations continue to maintain and sustain their conventional capacity-planning skills and tools, they need to regularly re-evaluate the tools available and develop the capacity and performance management skills present in the web-scale IT community.

“Web-scale IT organisations do things differently – they learn from one another.”

By web-scale IT, Head is referring to the things happening at large cloud services such as Google, Amazon, Netflix and Facebook.

“Conventional IT organisations can use some of the web-scale techniques heading for mainstream adoption in the next three years,” he added.

One concern for many organisations is that their existing IT resources might not be able to handle an increase in requests or interactions without having automated monitoring and alerting in place, notes. Therefore, one such web-scale technique that all IT organisations can adopt is the automation of IT performance management, in order to gain greater clarity and control over operations.

Author: Jack Stanton