An Intelligent Automation solution can transform your organisational outputs but, for many businesses, previous infrastructure and investments can make them reluctant to take on a new, or additional digital transformation tool or technology.

So where to start? Find out how Cortex’s Intelligent Automation platform can integrate with your existing systems, saving your business money, and how to seamlessly implement it into your organisation’s ecosystem today:

Start With a Strategy, Not Technology

One of the key parts of integrating new Intelligent Automation software into your business is to correctly prepare for a successful outcome. Businesses that don’t have a clearly articulated vision of their future operations will be unable to map sufficient solutions to their requirements. Make sure that you understand the role of automation, and select your initial targets for your project’s initiative, before deciding on the solution to achieve your goals.

Integrate With Legacy Systems & Maximise Existing Infrastructure

One of the biggest hesitations in adopting Intelligent Automation arises from businesses who have previously invested in technology systems, or who have the well-established infrastructure already in place. Organisations are reluctant to waste previous investment or return to ‘square one’ with processes they have spent time on.

That’s why Cortex is the perfect solution for advancing your automation journey. Our platform integrates seamlessly with legacy systems, utilising a variety of methods, allowing you to build on your existing technology ecosystem and minimising the cost involved in the project.

Maximise your existing infrastructure, and enhance your systems by using an Intelligent Automation solution that takes what you have in place and builds on it. Instead of a ‘rip and replace’ solution, Cortex’s platform allows you to keep in place your established processes, whilst refining and taking them to the next level.

Build On RPA

Have you already invested in RPA? Simple automation tasks are an effective way to streamline your business and increase agility – but they are only a small part of the puzzle. Intelligent Automation platforms can provide service orchestration, going beyond the capabilities of RPA task automation and allowing businesses to oversee end-to-end outcomes that achieve their goals.

Get Team Buy-In

Your Intelligent Automations strategy will only be successful if you have complete team buy-in. To ensure that your employees are not reluctant to embrace new technology and ways of working, you need to ensure that you convey the most important message: automation is designed to improve the parts of their roles they least enjoy.

Get Started With Intelligent Automation Today

Is your business looking to incorporate IA into existing technology infrastructure? Find a solution that’s tailored to you with our versatile platform. At Cortex, our consultants can enable your team to integrate the latest automation technology into business processes through one single, flexible hub. Download the What is Intelligent Automation Introductory Guide here.

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