Almost half (49 per cent) of CIOs and CMOs are not working together on technology in their business, putting them at a competitive disadvantage, Forrester Research claims.

Cliff Condon, Forrester’s chief research officer, said that CIOs and CMOs may hold the most important positions in 2015 and that their company’s success will depend on how they interact with customers. Just 51 per cent of CIOs and 46 per cent of CMOs state there is currently a single view of customers at all touchpoints in their company, reports

There is potential for CIOs and CMOs to work together in the future though, as despite the rivalry between the roles, more than 60 per cent of marketing and technology management leaders said they respect and trust one another.

“Companies can expect competition to arrive from any angle,” Mr Condon stated. “The only cure is an obsession with customers, driven from the top by the CIO and CMO. These two executives, by their relationship with each other and with the technologies they roll out to connect with customers, will determine the future of business.”

Next year, successful CIOs will focus on investing in technology that will help retain, serve and win customers – something which most CIOs are not used to doing, notes Cloud architectures and real-time responsiveness is needed in order to run customer-focused projects. However, CIOs must not forget about the importance of security, as Forrester predicts 60 per cent of businesses will experience a data breach in 2015.

Author: Laura Varley