Some 70 per cent of European IT departments say they need to educate themselves on how to effectively use automation and self-service tools, a new report by IDC reveals.

Despite the popularity of cloud and automation products, departments’ confidence levels are low, often because they are lacking certain resources. Around 56 per cent state that they are unable to obtain the qualified personnel needed to support cloud projects, reports A further 61 per cent say they staff don’t have the skills required to successfully negotiate or evaluate cloud contracts.

The report shows that European IT departments need to undergo a big change if they’re going to fully embrace and effectively use certain technologies within their business, reports Carla Arend, program director of IDC’s cloud pract ice, said the implementation of cloud products is having a big effect on how firms procure, evaluate and deploy IT assets.

“The effective use of automation, self-service, and orchestration tools remains the biggest challenge for IT organisations, while accurately defining costs and implementing chargeback models is a struggle in the business and IT relationship,” she stated . “The transition to cloud computing requires change throughout the organisation – in people, process, and technology.”

It’s not all bad news though, as 95 per cent of IT departments said that business priorities are their main focus, and 41 per cent use the cloud in order to gain an advantage over their competitors.

Author: Laura Varlery