IT managers are increasingly using automation to help maintain virtualised data centres, it has been claimed.

Patrick Donovan, an IT expert with decades of experience in data centre research, claims that this form of IT automation is being used to combat the movement of large electrical loads on the data centre’s physical infrastructures.

In an article for, he explained that these movements could be more damaging to virtualised data centres, in comparison to traditional ones.

He explained: “In a data centre, electrical loads on data centre physical infrastructure (DCPI) can vary in time and in place, so are able to move from one location to another. However, a highly virtualized, cloud-based data centre has larger load variations compared to a non-virtualised one, which could cause capacity issues.”

“To combat the sudden movement of IT loads, managers are increasingly automating the creation of VMs. Automation helps virtualised data centres become more fault-tolerant, enabling one machine to pick up where another has crashed, with limited latency experienced by the user.”

Although data centres are becoming more fault-tolerant, over-heating remains a significant issue.

In an article for, tech journalist Chris Mills recently provided a fascinating insight into its overall impact on the world. Concluding, he claimed it was a “serious and energy intensive problem” which required more attention.

Author: Joe Elvin