Productivity is continuing to lag despite the recovering economy, but experts say that monitoring and automation could provide the answer.

Writing for, CEO of Paessler AG, Dirk Paessler, claimed the majority of people think that increased investment will help boost productivity, which hasn’t been the same since the financial crisis. Indeed, recent research from the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (Niesr) revealed that, in the UK, output per hour remains 4.5 per cent below its previous peak, last seen at the end of 2007, reports

Citing a study from the Center for Economic and Business Research, Paessler showed that technology has played a big role in boosting productivity since the 1970s. In fact, the efficiency of office workers has increased by 84 per cent over the elapsing four decades. Moreover, investment in technology is beginning to rise again, since firms feel more certain about their future thanks to an improving economy.

Paessler stated that network monitoring tools and business process management software (BPM) will help identify problems early on, so they can quickly be solved. Further, they could also aid in optimising IT infrastructures.

He went on to argue that it was worth considering the future innovations that are going to increase productivity, including the Internet of Things, which will offer more automation and faster communication.

“Increased automation and reliance of technology in all sectors will demand careful management and an early warning system to ensure smooth operations,” he explains. “As networks become more complicated and interdependent, monitoring will become more crucial.”

Author: Laura Varley