Some 98 per cent of US IT professionals think that the automation of business processes is key to driving business value, new research from PMG reveals.

Moreover, IT executives think that business process automation (BPA) will continue to have a big impact on the business environment over the coming months and years. The majority (82 per cent) think that automation will alter how cloud and virtual environments are managed and 73 per cent believe the entire organisation will benefit from self-service automation. A further 68 per cent say that automation will reduce IT costs and 65 per cent state that automation will allow big data and data integration to be automated, reports

Automation is already having a significant impact too. Some 61 per cent of IT professionals report that it’s helping them to reach business objectives related to improving customer experience, 59 per cent said it’s helped achieve productivity goals and 52 per cent think that it’s aided them with objectives regarding sharing knowledge, reports

It’s likely that UK IT professionals will soon feel the same about BPA as it become more commonplace within the working environment.

Joe LeCompte, principal at PMG, said that businesses looking to automate do face some issues, such as shadow IT.

“Moving the automation of business process from IT departments and the often lofty vision created by consultants to everyday acceptance and use within companies is starting to become a reality,” he stated.

“Today 87 per cent of IT departments are saying they are aligned with their organisations’ business goals. Combine that with the increased availability of drag-and-drop business process management and control tools, the outlook for true enterprise automation is very bright.”

Author: Laura Varley