Gartner’s latest forecast shows that global IT spend is down this year, but as only one measurement was used, the report may not “show the whole picture”, an expert has claimed.

Speaking to, Dr Aleksej Heinze, co-director of the Centre for Digital Business at Salford Business School, said he believes that “things are actually ticking over as they should be” and that when it comes to global figures, it’s hard to know how Gartner arrived at the results it’s presenting.

“The Gartner Report seems to suggest that investment in enterprise-level software is growing, so companies are investing in delivering better ROI on areas such as business process automation,” he explained. “This shows maturity in the market, and investment in the right areas.”

According to Gartner, global IT spending is down to just 1.3 per cent, whereas in the previous quarter its estimation stood at 2.4 per cent. John-David Lovelock, research VP at Gartner, stated that the figures are “an illusion”. He blamed the recent rise of the US dollar, as it has caused a currency shock to the global IT market.

Andrew Horne, MD at business advisory firm CEB, thinks that the most dramatic change in global IT budgets is the fact that more technology spend is coming directly from business unit budgets. He noted that, on average, around 15 per cent of corporate IT budgets are relocated throughout the financial year; a figure that increases to 30 per cent in the more agile and responsive companies.