One-third of businesses recognise that manual processes and human errors are causing constant firewall outages, a new report has shown.

According to, a report from Tufin Technologies show that IT professionals working in the financial, telecom, technology and public sectors are experiencing constant changes to network configurations. Despite the fact nine out of ten IT decision makers believe that co-ordination of a security policy across the whole network is vital, this leads to a number of human errors occurring.

In fact, a quarter of businesses said they had to re-do 60 per cent of their firewall changes because they weren’t carried out properly. The report on notes that such changes waste time and resources that could otherwise be spent on other important tasks.

Furthermore, 33 per cent reported that their firm had experienced five or more firewall outages in the last 12 months. Some companies experienced more, with 17 per cent stating their company suffered 11 or more outages in the same period.

Reuven Harrison, co-founder and CTO at Tufin, stated that IT automation is the key to tackling many of the security problems firms now face.

“This research shows that network security has become too complex to manually manage, especially with the introduction of new technologies such as cloud, virtualisation and IPv6,” he explained. “The key to meeting these challenges is automation and orchestration which will increase IT agility while maintaining security and compliance across the network.”