Telecommunications is one of the leading industries utilising intelligent automation for business transformation. Intelligent Automation is helping the industry grow and adapt to the prominent challenges that are evolving.

As Intelligent Automation is deployed to automate key processes within the industry, there are a number of areas that have seen an unprecedented increase in efficiency – from cost containment and resource prioritisation, to customer journey enhancement and service orchestration. Find out some of the key processes and challenges that automation improves, here:

#1 The Rollout of 5G

As 5G rollout accelerates around the world, telecoms companies are under increasing demand to adapt and be ready for the changes this new technology brings. From onboarding new equipment and on-demand network provisioning to complex fault diagnosis, resolutions and more, these are priorities to address that 5G infrastructure presents. Cortex’s multi-domain platform can be deployed across these areas and ensures a smooth transition into this new technology.

#2 Customer Retention

Loyal customers are valuable to telecoms companies and, with a lower cost-per-acquisition than the process of bringing on board a new client, especially enterprise customers with complex requirements, retaining existing customers is essential to streamline costs and remain profitable. Intelligent Automation enhances the customer experience and gives telecoms operators the resources they need to proactively troubleshoot and remove maintenance issues – enabling them to satisfy and retain customers with ease.

#3 Agility

Change is increasing in the telecoms industry – and it’s happening faster as the technology evolves. Increased service offerings, new infrastructure, network architecture, complex eco-system solutions, changing environments…telecommunications operators need to be equipped to develop and evolve as required, without the need to bring on external vendors to implement these changes. Intelligent Automation that is scalable, agile and adaptive in automating these processes provides your business with the versatility it needs.

#4 Containing Costs

Profit margin and a healthy revenue stream is an important focus for telecoms businesses, particularly as more competitors enter the mix. It’s not just traditional telecoms businesses that are now a threat to organisations, but also multi-national players like Google and Apple. Intelligent Automation to automate key processes across multiple domains including service provisioning and service assurance, allows companies to contain their costs and increase revenue.

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