Following a highly successful audit which raised no non-compliances and no opportunities for improvement identified, Cortex has successfully transitioned to the ISO9001:2015 quality standard.  

Eddie Watson, operations director at Cortex was delighted with the result delivered by the team, and states; 

“It’s a real pleasure to come out of an audit with such a positive response.  The Cortex team have kept up the hard work and focus since our last certification and I know this will continue as we grow as an organisation. Having the ISO quality standard, which is externally verified is an acknowledgement of our commitment to both our staff and customers alike.” 

The ISO standard recognises Cortex’s ongoing focus on delivering high standards of quality and compliance across the business. The International Organisation for Standardisation describes the standard as combining quality management principles including a strong customer focus.  It reviews the motivation and implication of top management, along with the process approach and continual improvement. The ISO 9001:2015 certification helps to ensure customers are provided with consistent, good quality products and services. 

Cortex are able to achieve this having historically implemented a ‘continuous improvement’ process throughout the organisation. The ongoing monitoring and reporting of any opportunities identified for improvement, or lessons learned, allows the business to respond quickly and agilely to maintain the highest level of quality possible.  With every member of the organisation playing a part in delivering these high standards, the reviews will continue to maintain an award winning performance.