Seamlessly Integrating Your Banking Automation Project

Intelligent Automation can be perceived as an extensive undertaking for financial businesses and a key part of success is a smooth integration. Learn more about how to seamlessly implement automation technology within your banking and financial business, here:

The Challenges of Automation Integration Within Banking

There are a number of obstacles facing the banking sector when it comes to integration of new technology. The banking and financial services industries handle huge amounts of sensitive data, often stored in silos. This can make it difficult to orchestrate data processing systems and ensure the accurate communication of information from different areas.

 The banking and financial industries are also heavily reliant on legacy infrastructures. Old software applications and hardware, combined with outdated procedures, mean that businesses who look to start transforming their operations using their existing infrastructure often encounter limitations.

Integrate Your Intelligent Automation Platform with Success

Successful integration of IA is reliant on available connectivity to one key element: existing infrastructure.

Infrastructure can be a constraint to businesses looking to innovate and can hold them back as they orchestrate new processes and develop new ways of working. By utilising the extensive integration and interfacing capabilities of Cortex’s IA solution, businesses can avoid this restriction and integrate Intelligent Automation into their operations successfully.

When defining their automation strategy, it’s important for businesses to be able to decouple the processes from data. Designing their orchestrated operations with Cortex’s Intelligent Automation solution, businesses can ensure that they’re not reliant on constant reengineering whenever there is change or growth.

Cortex’s unified automation and orchestration platform has the capabilities for banks and financial services organisations to build their digital operations taking a proven, risk-free, evolutionary approach. The automation software’s flexible integration and interfacing capabilities allows banks and financial service providers to address legacy technical debt whilst transforming to meet customer experience, employee experience, and business requirements. This flexible, agile approach helps futureproof your business and ensures you minimise risk as you can seamlessly scale your outputs.

Take the Digital Evolution Approach to Your Business

One of the most important considerations for a business when taking on an IA initiative is the impact that the activity will have on their business. Help achieve successful technology and business integration with the following tips:

  • Ensure a strategic approach to your activity and understand the outcomes you want to achieve.
  • Identify priority areas of your business for innovation, working in an agile ‘digital evolution’ approach instead of an all-out transformation.
  • Get stakeholder buy-in. External and internal stakeholder support is an important part of your initiative’s success. Training and awareness exercises can help with your team’s understanding of Intelligent Automation and how it can support their roles rather than challenge them

Integrate IA Within Your Business Today

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