Businesses intending on automating processes should first simplify them in order to reduce costs, according to a report.

Before rolling out a new automation system, Imelda Tan of says that companies should seriously evaluate all of the processes they have in place.

“If no one in the company knows the rationale for their existence, eliminate them temporarily and assess the impact. If no one notices, then they may actually be obsolete,” says Tan.

The tech journalist says that if processes are documented in a swim-lane format, the relevance of the roles will become apparent.

Increasingly, businesses are turning to IT automation as a way to improve efficiency and service levels as well as reduce costs.

If a process itself cannot be cut, perhaps a step within the process can be cut, adds Tan.

“There is no need to spend ICT resources to automate, say, 10 steps, if only 7 steps are necessary in the first place.” also warns that before deploying IT automation, it is important to have a sound strategy surrounding infrastructure.

Businesses should analyse what infrastructure and tools they need to meet their objectives and disqualify all options that will not help the company to achieve them.

Author: Sean McGrath