We’re excited to have been recognised by TechMarketView as a Great British Scaleup. See what they had to say about why they’ve done this below “. . .

“We called out Southampton-based Cortex and its intelligent automation platform as a Little British Battler in June 2016 and since then it has gone from strength to strength, claiming its place as a Great British Scaleup.

At a time of digital disruption when organisations are looking for fast, frictionless operations, Cortex is very much in the right place at the right time with its intelligent automation platform for handling network, IT and business operations. Going beyond simple automation of actions e.g. robotic process automation, its specialty is orchestrating outcomes from automated processes. When deployed, subject matter experts teach the engine how to orchestrate successful outcomes (decisions and actions) across IT and business processes (in a ‘no code’ way). Exceptions are flagged up and the engine then learns from the way subject matter experts resolve the problem. This sets the scene for a degree of self-managing automated operations and also provides a means for organisations to capture precious expertise held within the business and use it to improve and ensure consistency of (fast) decision making across the company.

This young business (founded in 2011 and run by co-founders operations director Eddie Watson and CEO Mike Taylor, with sales & marketing director Jonathon Hobday) has seen rapid growth and we can see scaleup opportunities. We particularly like the potential to tackle the emerging problem of fragmented automation solutions by providing an orchestration layer above other automation systems. Combine that with customer and revenue generating strategic relationships with Capgemini, Tech Mahindra, and technology/customer relationships with the likes of Vodafone and BT, and it is evident Cortex has a number of routes it can explore to take the business to the next level.”