Software as a Service is helping Chief Information Officers (CIOs) to evolve their strategies, moving from centralised IT departments to “technology ownership” in the four corners of business.

That’s a claim offered by digital expert Matt Ballantine, former head of IT at Imagination, who suggests Software as a Service has made it easier to unite business technology activity in the face of centralisation.

This evolution has been made possible thanks to the vast number of new channels that UK organisations have to get to grips with. New digital and social channels are changing the way businesses interact with customers and, as such, the ownership of these new channels for communicating with customers is also changing.

“The first business computing applications were siloed into finance or payroll or research departments; systems acting in isolation to address the needs of a particular business unit,” states Ballantine.

“The expansion of the PC and client-server technologies in the 1980s and beyond saw the rise of the centralised IT department. Now we are seeing technology ownership being pushed back into the four corners of business as Software as a Service reduces th e requirements for big, technical central departments to manage the boxes,” he told

In the future, Ballantine believes we could even see a resurgence in centralised digital, so the focus is put on the customer, not on the latest “shiny new” technology.

On the whole, Ballantine concedes the fast-paced nature of digital may have caught CIOs off guard but there is a lot of “value” in facilitating this evolution in tech ownership “while retaining governance over strategy.”

Author: Ashley Curtis