Intelligence Automation and orchestration software is transforming businesses – improving productivity, increasing operational agility and maximising ROI. But how will the advancement of automation technology continue to transform the corporate world? Learn more about Cortex’s vision for the future of automation, and how it can revolutionise your industry, here:

What Does The Future Of Automation Hold?

As IA systems continue to develop, the next generation of automation will focus on developing the following priority areas:

  • Smart systems for sensing of environment
  • Intelligence when evaluating context
  • Automated decisions and intelligence in recognition of exceptions
  • Orchestration – bringing processes together to achieve defined business outcomes

‘Context’ will form a key part of advancement in automation, with software able to make informed decisions, replicating human behaviour, as opposed to simply completing a limited series of pre-defined tasks.

Which Industries Should Adopt Intelligent Automation?

Currently, Intelligent Automation is widely used in industries including Telecommunications, IT, Manufacturing, Retail, Financial and Insurance. The logistics and service assurance capabilities of the software make it ideal to address the challenges of these businesses – but in the future, IA will have far-ranging implications for every industry.

Where before, IA was more suited to the manufacturing and financial sectors, Intelligent Automation now has practical applications that span every type of business – from health and beauty to automobile and transport. As Intelligent Automation technology advances, any repetitive task or decision-based process can be enhanced, or replaced, by the software.

The methodology of the technology can make any industry more efficient and, as the solutions become smarter, they also become more affordable – opening up IA to a wider range of businesses with in the future.

Unlocking Business Insights With IA Platforms

Intelligent automation is the missing component that many businesses need to unlock their inner potential in the future. The software solutions that IA can provide help businesses improve:

  • Accuracy
  • Quality
  • Velocity
  • Capacity
  • Scalability

In the future, a wide range of businesses will incorporate Intelligent Automation into their business strategies as a core foundation of their business operations.

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