Telecommunications is a fast-moving, pressured industry where businesses must constantly innovate. From reducing operating costs and bringing new services to market, to increasing network capacity and improving customer order management, there are several complex operations that help differentiate successful providers from their competition. Find out how Intelligent Automation can transform your business with Cortex.

How Can IA Revolutionise Telecoms?

For an industry that is ingrained in technology and communications, Telecommunications providers can see a transformation in core areas of their business through IA. Network operations, service operations and business operations are the three core pillars of the Telecommunications industry that Intelligent Automation Can Revolutionise:

  • Network Operations: delivering high quality, smart Service Assurance systems.
  • Service Operations: increasing the accuracy of Service Provisioning and reducing operational costs.
  • Business Operations: high quality, ‘right first time,’ service delivery to customers and internal departments alike.

The Benefits of Intelligent Automation For Telecoms

Intelligent Automation software allows businesses to run their operations at computer speed. Therefore, they are able to benefit in a number of different ways:

  • Upskill team members to areas of the business that are growing
  • Integrate all automation processes into one, orchestrated system
  • Automatically manage Network service performance, responding to capacity, cost and customer demands
  • Patch software automatically, with no disruption to business
  • Automatically test and run diagnostics, with routine maintenance to prevent impact on operations
  • Perform automatic Systems Access Management and audits, ensuring compliance whilst freeing up valuable team resources

Using Strategic Vision To Elevate Your Business

To ensure that automation succeeds for your telecom business, it’s important that you correctly prepare your business. Have a granular understanding of each individual business operation and the goals that you want to achieve, select your initial targets and define your KPIs. Find out more about applying the correct strategy and methodology to help your business accelerate into an autonomous future, here.

End-To-End Provisioning For Telecommunications

Cortex Intelligent Automation Software Platform transforms the cost, quality and performance of telecommunications operations. Our end-to-end solutions provide a comprehensive, one-platform solution to all of your automation outputs.

Are you looking to stand out from your competitors in the telecoms industry? Request a free discovery session today and learn how Cortex Intelligent Automation could transform your business – by helping you reduce costs and bring new solutions to market.