Fault Management is a crucial aspect of the telecommunications network. Nobody wants their line to drop right in the middle of an important call. Customers expect immediate responses to issues which is why automation has become a necessity for telecoms. Learn more about the importance of automation within your fault management operations, here:

Applications of Intelligent Automation in Fault Managment 

Telecoms networks are constantly monitored for faults and events which are reported to the network operator. Events can be generated for situations as minor as plugging in a cable. Therefore, a vast proportion of events do not require intervention by highly skilled NOC staff.

One operator once had 3 Network Operating Centres (NOCs) to deal with all their faults and events. Deploying Cortex enabled them to close all of these centres. Resulting in redeploying staff to roles including enterprise architecture design bringing further value to the business.

Today, for that operator Cortex Intelligent Automation manages over 15 million alarms, events, and messages, resulting in less than 300 trouble tickets per month requiring human interaction through automated correlation, enrichment, and analysis.

Cortex has worked with the telecommunications industry for over 20 years and has extensive specialist technical knowledge of telecoms automation. And as the industry changes with the rise of 5G and IoT, the needs of CSP’s increase, creating scope for more use cases to manage what is already a very complex network. So to keep the network running optimally automation is a must.

Here are our Top 3 Use Cases for Intelligent Fault Management Automation:

Fixed-line – Fault Management

The deployment of Cortex Intelligent Automation Software transformed fixed-line network operations.

A step change resulted in operational efficiency and quality of operations. Cortex autonomously receives alarm notifications, performs root cause analysis and executes appropriate remedial actions, including automatic reconfiguration of network devices for over 13,000 different network elements – switches, routers, IVR, call recorders, etc.

This operator fully closed 3 NOCs and 1 SOC resulting in extensive cost savings. Therefore, releasing 99% of highly skilled technicians to work in other, more highly valued areas of the business. In turn, increasing revenue opportunities in new product design and complex customer solution design, and reducing customer dissatisfaction in first-line customer care.

International Inter-Carrier Network – Fault Management

Removing existing lengthy manual ticket management processes has accelerated the transition of zero-touch service assurance for Fault Management Operations (FMO).

The solution’s extensive integration capabilities monitor more than 200 different network elements across core global operations. Cortex Intelligent Automation software creates tickets in the legacy ticketing system directly from network equipment alarms. Intelligent decision-making correlates related alarms to ensure there is no duplication of tickets and automatically closes tickets when alarm clear events are received. Machine speed analysis improves the efficiency and effectiveness of alarm management and results in higher network reliability.

Deployed in just one month, the solution increased the team capacity by 300%.

Core Network – Fault Management

A communications service provider deployed Cortex Intelligent Automation to automate the monitoring and management of its core IP network, utilising machine speed and accuracy to improve network performance.

Cortex performs alarm correlation and complex, cross-domain root cause analysis across all network elements. Contextual information, including customer status, agreed service SLAs, the scale of service impact, and time of day inform Cortex’s selection of the most appropriate remedial actions to take.

Cortex delivers fully-autonomous closed-loop operations by executing these remedial actions. This includes, where appropriate, issuing commands to network elements to reconfigure services, to restart services or to re-route traffic – and monitoring the results.

Costly SLA penalties are mitigated as faults are autonomously diagnosed and further significant cost savings are achieved by extending integrations to other license operators portals.

Cortex Intelligent Automation is a no-code required, unified automation platform for dynamic environments, developed by us but run in accordance with business and technical policies laid down by your subject matter experts.

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Implement Fault Management Automation With a Digital Evolution Approach

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