CIOs based in the UK and Ireland are feeling positive about the upcoming year, as they predict IT budgets will increase by 1.4 per cent.

More than 21 per cent of this investment will occur outside of the official IT budget, a new survey by Gartner reveals. CIOs are particularly focused on investing in technology that will boost business growth, as their period of cost-cutting and budget restriction is just starting to come to an end. Some are even choosing to invest and implement smart technologies, such as robotics (nine per cent) and the Internet of Things (ten per cent), reports

The average CIO controls 47 per cent of a businesses’ IT budget. However, CIOs are increasingly spending their time in places other than the IT department. In 2015, less than 40 per cent of a CIO’s time will be invested in running their IT departments. A quarter of it will instead be used to work with other C-suite executives, and 18 per cent will be spent with business unit leaders, reports Customers will take up 16 per cent of a CIO’s time.

Dave Aron, VP and Gartner fellow, said the only thing CIOs seem to be certain on is that the advancement of digitalisation cannot be stopped.

“Government, companies and our personal lives are being more deeply penetrated by digital capabilities, opportunities and threats,” he stated. “Digitalisation represents both a massive opportunity and new and heightened levels of threat for all countries and companies, and CIOs are facing new, more challenging and more exciting circumstances as digital moves to centre stage.”