Technology has an important part to play in ensuring workers can remain productive when away from the office, the results of a new survey suggest.

According to research by IT services company Ricoh, 75 per cent of workers believe they are less efficient away from their desks as they do not have the right tools to hand, reports

The data was pulled from a survey of 1,007 full-time office-based employees in UK private companies. Of the respondents, nearly half said that a lack of appropriate technology stops them from reaching maximum efficiency when working from home, while 22 per cent said they won’t even try until they’re provided with the right equipment by their employers, notes

Both the Confederation of British Industry and Ricoh have urged companies to stop worrying about “robots stealing their jobs” and to instead focus on utilising technology more effectively to help workers.

Phil Keoghan, CEO at Ricoh UK, said: “The overwhelming message from this research is that UK employees feel technology has vastly improved productivity in and out of the office, but there is still a lot of room for further improvement.”

Although he was surprised by the results following the recent drive towards a mobile workforce, Mr Keoghan went on to say: “This is not about spending a fortune on technology, it is largely about making simple policy changes to allow people easy access to company networks, providing people with laptops and tablets, and training them in how to use them.”

Author: Chloe Menage