IT is crucial to the continuing recovery of the British economy, but adequate showcasing of technology is much-needed if the UK is to attract foreign investment, according to one business leader.

Writing for, Juergen Maier, chairman of the North West Business Leadership Team, hailed the nation’s recently upgraded growth forecasts and increasing confidence. However, he says it is vital that the UK emphasises its strengths in order to grow its portfolio and attract potential investors.

One of the areas he celebrates is what he calls ‘the technologies of tomorrow’ – which encompasses automation.

“To ensure that Britain remains an attractive investment target,” Maier writes, “domestic advancements in research and development, progressive green technology and other new technologies – such as additive manufacturing and automation technologies – must be championed.”

He asserts that if the UK can continue to ‘make headway’ with such systems, it could direct more investment to the shores, creating jobs and maintaining competitive advantage.

Agreeing with the sentiment, e-skills UK, the sector skills council for Business and Information Technology, claims in that ‘full exploitation’ of IT could add around £50 billion to the economy by 2020.

Tech expert Christopher Cooper adds that IT’s contribution to the UK economy cannot be overstated, highlighting how there has been a huge rise in the way that IT is helping businesses to run.

“If you haven’t got IT,” he said, “you can’t work.

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Author: Elizabeth Smythe