The unpredictable nature of the insurance industry means that increased agility is a vital business strategy for any service provider. Being able to pivot operations focus, assemble task forces and scale with ease to meet demand, are all important features that can ensure an insurance business can continue to innovate and compete within a crowded marketplace. Find out exactly how Intelligent Automation can help your business unlock agility here:

The Importance of Agility Within the Insurance Industry

Agility is a key feature of successful businesses within the insurance industry. Covid-19 has seen a huge shift in working circumstances for businesses within the sector, meaning they’ve had to adapt quickly to a new ‘normal’. An agile operating model allows businesses to be flexible in their ways of working, moving processes to allow for remote access and changing key operations to allow for disruption.

As customer expectations increase, agility is also a central feature in the mechanics of the insurance sector. Agile processes free up valuable team members for more essential roles, allowing insurers to continue innovating and delivering new solutions to the market.

Within individual products, agility is also key. Natural disasters are an area of insurance where agility is crucial. After seismic events like flooding and storms, insurance companies can expect to receive a rush of claims which peak over a short period. It can often be difficult to predict the size of this peak, or when the claims will spike in the weeks after the event. Having agility within the business is pivotal, meaning they can adapt and scale as claims come in without risking being understaffed or spending too much on resources that may not end up being needed.

How Can Cortex Realise Agility Within Your Business?

Cortex’s solutions are powerful tools to unlock business agility. Cortex Intelligent Automation and Orchestration delivers flexible operations that adapt and grow to the needs of your business. Respond to customers within seconds, deliver high-quality robust services and ensure SLA compliance, all with zero-touch operations.

Achieve Agility Through Automation for the Insurance Industry Today

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