Join Forrester, Maple Street Advisory and Cortex to gain new perspectives and insights of how you can “Rethink The “How” Of Modernizing the Insurance Business Core”

Join Us on 11th March 2021 1PM GMT / 2PM CET / 8AM EST

Even with strong headwinds, supporting customers and operating as an insurer depends more than ever on taking scalable, agile, and adaptive approaches to modernizing the insurance business core. Today, dependencies on connecting and orchestrating activities that deliver value outside the insurer’s four walls determine the speed at which customer experience and retention can be elevated, internal productivity enhanced, and revenues grow. But there’s more than meets the eye to get there. Join Cortex, Forrester, and Maple Street Advisory in a panel discussion to learn:

  • How customer and market demands align to transformation investments to adapt and future proof your business
  • How to bring out the best in your people through proven digital strategies and methodologies
  • Best practices–and lessons learned–when it comes to navigating the new approaches to core processes and systems

Jason Collier, the Founder and Principal Advisor for Maple Street Advisory, Ellen Carney a principal analyst for Forrester who serves financial services technology decision-makers and Janine Gill Client Director at Cortex will be part of the panel for the webinar.


Modernising the insurance business core with Intelligent Automation software is essential for insurers to be competitive when a streamlined customer experience is a must and the industry moves to a digital-first strategy.

Currently, there are many manual processes that take place within the insurance industry. Due to the manual nature of these processes they can be prone to errors, time consuming, fail to meet SLAs and require input into multiple systems and information sources. With Intelligent Automation woven into the process, these are no longer problems. The software retrives all required information, intelligently interfaces with the separate systems and can provide an approval or denial recommendation based on the information collated.

Cortex Intelligent Automation software can be applied across insurance organisations, at Line of Business such as Claims Handling, Processing, Management or Adjudication or at a departmental level to automate Finance, HR, or Logistics processes and services. Find out more about Insurance solutions by Cortex here.