Using Automation to cut costs helps save businesses money, which is precisely why they should begin to adopt it, the CEO of Infosys has said.

Speaking at a panel at the World Economic Forum called the ‘Inclusive Growth in the Digital Age’, Vishal Sikka commented that while automation may cause a temporary replacement of some jobs, he could not imagine a future where people are no longer needed.

“Technology makes people more productive… their abilities are amplified with technology,” he noted.

Mastercard CEO Ajay S Banga, who was also on the panel, agreed that automation and other technologies will change the job landscape, enabling half the population to become more productive. He did, however, add that investments in infrastructure and skill developments will be required, reports

Mr Sikka replied that the private sector will need to help fund the development of education and infrastructure.

“I don’t believe the government can do it alone… they have to initiate the projects but the private sector has to contribute as well,” he stated.

Hans E Vestberg, Ericsson’s CEO, said technology should serve society, businesses and people, and that there is a greater need for more workforce, particularly in regions which are still growing, such as Asia, reports