What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is the implementation of digital technology and processes to transform your organisation. This all-encompassing innovation covers every area of business, from internal processes and operations, to client interaction and governance.

Why Do Businesses Need Digital Transformation?

Transforming businesses digitally can help them overcome the market challenges that threaten their future. From new disruptor competitors to increased customer expectations, an ever-changing industry landscape means that businesses need to digitally innovate to survive.

How To Measure Digital Transformation Progress

‘Success’ is unique to every organisation. Your goals may be entirely independent of another company’s – and may even vastly differ mid-way through your automation project in comparison to the start!

Typical measurements of successful projects include:

  • Increase in business agility
  • Improved output
  • Scale of growth
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Capability to provide 24/7 service
  • Ability to release skilled workers to higher priority areas of business
  • Bringing new products to market
  • Reduction of errors in operations

Digital Transformation Challenges

Businesses looking to transform their operations must approach the project strategically and with a robust methodology. Research conducted by Forrester shows that 74% of digital transformation projects fail, making it a high risk for unprepared organisations. Key challenges facing businesses include:

  • The absence of a defined strategy
  • Lack of IT and internal infrastructure
  • Evolving customer needs and ever-changing service expectations
  • High investment costs
  • Legacy policies
  • Inefficiency within key business areas
  • Employee and stakeholder buy-in

Digital Transformation Through Intelligent Automation

The introduction of Intelligent Automation into your company is a fundamental step in digitally transforming– and one which can benefit every single area of your business. Create automated digital operations and services – helping you achieve your desired output goals and scale with ease.

What is Agile Transformation?

Agile transformation is the process of continuous innovation. Instead of adopting an overall radical change, businesses transform smaller areas over time – delivering many benefits including reduced risk, manageable investment cashflow and granular measurement. Within Intelligent Automation, this model is known as Digital Evolution.

Adopting a Digital Evolution Approach

For businesses that cannot afford to invest in a complete transformation, or for those who are averse to the high risk that a radical business reform would bring, Digital Evolution is the perfect solution, acting as an alternative to high-risk strategic transformation and the limited potential of tactical automation. Creating an agile transformation strategy, Digital Evolution is a do now, do next, and do later progression of goals to realise your vision.