What is the Difference Between RPA & Intelligent Automation?

For many businesses looking to implement automation software within their organisation, understanding the difference between RPA and IA will ensure that they can get the perfect solution that suits their needs. Learn more about the difference between the two approaches, and the benefits that an Intelligent Automation platform can deliver:

What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation, known as RPA, is a form of software technology which automates simple and repetitive tasks within a business. This process replaces manual labour with a ‘robotic worker’, performing simple actions at a faster, and larger, scale than can often be achieved by human counterparts.

What is Intelligent Automation?

Intelligent Automation is a unified platform solution that automates your business processes and orchestrate your resources to achieve a defined set of business goals. Intelligent Automation is defined by a set of features including sensing, intelligent evaluation in context and automated-decision making – with the ability for the software to seamlessly manage exceptions which may occur within processes.

What is the Difference Between RPA & IA?

For many businesses, RPA and IA can perform similar functions – but Intelligent Automation brings an extra dynamic to your business. Whereas RPA can only fulfill basic functions, Intelligent Automation provides the core fundamental of service orchestration.

 Service orchestration is the process of software automation where a sequence of actions, tasks, and processes can be arranged to achieve a set outcome. This strategic approach brings together a number of sub-set processes together in a decision-driven environment, enabling your business to achieve outlined outcomes.

The Benefits of Service Orchestration

The power of service orchestration brings a number of advantages to your business. The outcomes will be dependent on the intent and strategic vision, defined at the outset, of what your operations will look like once you begin the evolution with intelligent automation.  Whether you are looking to improve accuracy, increase quality, maximise velocity, grow capacity, seamlessly manage scalability and transform agility or reduce the cost to serve, you can achieve these goals and objectives which deliver your vision.

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