Operational Challenges:

CSPs today operate heterogeneous networks, sometimes comprising of a large variety of network equipment (NE) provided by different NE vendors.

Capturing and processing customer orders reliably, accurately, and at volume is a complex business.

Selecting the correct set of physical and logical resources (e.g. ports, traffic routes, QoS policies) to deliver customer service can be complex and error-prone.

Activation errors are a common cause of order processing fallout.

The journey to streamlined automated network provisioning encompasses proven intelligent automation use cases which underpin this NE vendor-independent approach.




Teams from the Network Operation Centre and Service Operation Centre were heavily reliant on both shared and private spreadsheets for the planning of infrastructure resources. Disparate tools for capacity planning, naming rules, and business rules. Multiple manual validation and re-validations of the target customer design multiple stages of the process. Failures in the subsequent activation process required expensive rework.


The Cortex Intelligent Automation Platform was deployed to orchestrate SIP trunk provisioning, replacing manual processes built around tracking inventory usage with spreadsheets and integrating with the downstream activation systems.


          • Reduced order processing time from ~1 week to less than 1 minute
          • Increased consistency of application of business and technical rules and standards
          • Eliminated inaccurate and hard to maintain inventory spreadsheets
          • 100% of orders meeting provisioning SLAs, with a related increase in customer


Service provisioning teams have to manage poor data maintenance, convoluted technical relationships between multi-play services, and a wide variety of technology models used by different NE vendors. Selecting the correct set of physical and logical resources (e.g., ports, traffic routes, QoS policies) to deliver a customer service can be complex and error prone.


A NE vendor agnostic solution enables automated design and assign across multi-vendor networks. Automated service design and assign, processes orders for any combination of services in a consistent and accurate manner.


          • Average Handling Time reduced by 94.4%
          • Improved Inventory Data Quality – guaranteed usage and update policies
          • Full Audit Trail of Actions
          • 1000% Increase in Capacity – Order Processing Team


To reduce the number of errors encountered during service activation for enterprise fixed-line services, numerous ‘Ready for Service’ checks were performed. Engineers were cross-checking information in the Service Order against the original Customer Order; the network inventory records; and against the actual network element configurations. This highly manual process was both extremely time consuming and error prone.


Cortex Intelligent Automation software was deployed to provide a complete fixed line ready for service verification solution for innumerable permutations of complex network scenarios configured across multiple systems. From an automated engineering workflow request, Cortex dynamically determines the appropriate network build scenario in line with the approved build policy, tests and validates outcomes.


        • Improved accuracy of configuration to 100%
        • Check time reduced from 60 to 2 minutes
        • 6 figure cost saving through reduction in required effort
        • Automation designed and implemented by SMEs responsible for the process


Multi-Vendor Activation – Service Provisioning


The Cortex Intelligent Automation platform enables agile, incremental automation of multi-vendor activation processes, delivering to the CSP step-change improvements in operations velocity, capacity, accuracy, quality and cost.

Download the Whitepaper for the framework to:

          • Orchestrate multiple OSS and BSS applications, exactly as network activation operations staff do today
          • Plan and allocate network and infrastructure resources in line with business and technical policies
          • Consolidate information from multiple sources, including spreadsheets
          • Orchestrate consistently the business rules for configuration, capacity planning, and resource and service identification/naming, for standardised service configuration and improved quality
          • Remove manual errors and improving accuracy
          • Reduce the process execution time and increasing the organisation capacity and velocity

The Cortex specialist Telecommunications Team have over 2 decades of hands on domain experience across Service Assurance and Service Provisioning projects and infrastructures. This is supported by over 300+ man years of automation expertise to ensure your successful journey to zero-touch autonomous networks is achieved.