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Multi-Vendor Activation – White Paper

Achieve Automated End-to-End Service Orchestration and Provisioning

[order management, design and assign, credential management application, governance and compliance,]


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Automated Design and Assign

94.4% Reduction in AHT. 100% Validation. 1000% Increased Capacity.

[asset utilisation, unit cost of delivery, target architecture(s), inventory and network alignment]


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Automated Order Orchestration

10K+ Concurrent Orders. 120X Improved Efficiency. 100% Increased Capacity.

[automated fulfilment, order reliability, data quality, data accuracy, order to cash]


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Automated Service Provisioning

Vendor Agnostic, Single Platform, Orchestrate Multiple OSS/BSS Applications

[capacity planning, resource and service identification and naming, process execution]


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Automated Ready for Service Validation

Increase Service Availability. Improve Network Utilisation. Reduce Cost of Operations.

[service order checks, network inventory record, network element configuration, network build scenarios, approved network policies]


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Cortex’s Use Cases and White Papers for Automated Network Operation Solutions for communications service providers.