Cortex’s Use Cases and White Papers for Service Operations Automation Solutions for communications service providers. 

“Large complex orders originally taking 3 months to process were reduced to less than 2 hours”

The order management process is a crucial business function and must be performed accurately and efficiently. This can be difficult to maintain with complex and large orders involving complex downstream sub-processes and sub-systems. Cortex was deployed to orchestrate end-to-end complex customer orders.

“Cortex provides a Multi-Vendor Activation solution on a single easy-to-operate platform”

Communication Service Providers are evolving complex multi-vendor networks to provide new services for 3G/4G/5G mobile, data, TV, fixed-line and Unified Communications. In this highly complex network of services, Cortex is able to provide a centrally managed solution tailored to process new services as soon as they arrive at machine speed.

“Cortex processes orders for any combination of services automatically and interfaces with 10,000’s systems”

Service provisioning teams have to manage poor data maintenance, convoluted technical relationships between multi-play services, and a wide variety of technology models used by different network equipment vendors. Cortex can process orders for any combination of services and apply appropriate business and technical rules and policies.

“Cortex processes orders for any combination of services automatically and interfaces with 10,000’s systems”

Autonomous validation of the service and resource design prior to service activation can eliminate entirely activation errors, accelerate time to revenue, and improve customer satisfaction. Within 12 weeks, Cortex delivered to production a complete fixed line ready for service verification solution for a Communications Service Provider.

Cortex Intelligent Automation can: manage multi-vendor activation and provisioning with one platform, manage current processes across multiple domains, reduce reliance on legacy systems and simplify adoption of future processes.

Cortex evolves processes for CSPs with process automation and service orchestration. Orders processing is a crucial business function for any organisation and must be efficient to ensure an excellent customer experience. Cortex provided a solution that automated the processing of orders in just one minute most often without the need for manual assistance.