Transforming Service Providers and IT:

Capturing the knowledge of the service managers, specialists and domain experts, Cortex intelligently orchestrates and automates event and state monitoring, maintenance, and IT management, with business systems and processes, whilst interacting directly with service managers, users, and specialists.

Gaining Efficiencies:

Creating customer facing, self-service, self-managing autonomous services, with self-healing underpinning systems and processes. Cortex establishes strong governance and continuous compliance at machine speed with consistently high quality.

Increasing Operational Effectiveness:

Cortex provides the first single integrated and extensible real-time enterprise automation platform to enable you to accelerate your operations by integrating event and intelligence driven workflows, business rules, data integration and process automation all managed through a unified visual rapid development environment.

The ever-increasing reliance of organisations on Service Provider teams and Service infrastructures has driven increased demand for skills, reliability and velocity of operations.

Challenged to reduce the complexity of disparate systems, fragmented data and siloed operations, skilled teams are being driven into more reactive operational tasks. This can overwhelm an already stretched staff, reducing quality, limiting innovation and increasing workload.

The Cortex Intelligent Automation Platform minimises costs associated with system downtime and maximises the utilisation of existing technology. This is achieved through the systematic orchestration of people, technology and processes.

With the mission to deliver constant reliable Services, Cortex brings standardisation to Service Process Management, ensuring that Service and IT systems run smoothly.

The Intelligent Automation Platform has the capability to work at an extremely high level, where it orchestrates Service and IT processes. Cortex also has the capability to work on a lower level, where the platform automates specific parts of an IT network or service.