Transforming OSS:

Service Assurance through Automated Fault and Incident Management. Cortex instigates and undertakes remedial actions at a service, network, element or even port level without having to engage with technical resources.

Gaining Efficiencies:

Cortex assists in pro-active support from monitoring and managing disk space on logs and billing data, through to regular health checks and maintenance switch-overs. Cortex successfully schedules the deployment of software patches and new releases at safe times, ensuring pre-patch assessment, post-patch testing and, where necessary, rollback.

Increasing Operational Effectiveness:

Cortex can enable end-to-end automated Service Provisioning from Service Order to Activation. This ensures high quality, right first time, every time deployment of services, reducing the number of incidents and remediation requirements significantly.

Automatically manage and maintain Network service performance aligned with customer demand, capacity and cost.

The Cortex Intelligent Automation Platform addresses the challenges of Network Management for CSPs, Network Operators and Telecommunication Providers. From the automation of network fault management and provisioning processes, to the orchestration of configuration, accounting and billing, Cortex can release skilled and experienced staff to manage change and innovation.

Cortex provides an integrated approach; managing existing technologies whilst filling in where gaps exist, to ensure a complete end to end management systems approach.

Operate smart, self-configuring, self-managing, self-healing, networks simplifying the real world of legacy, current and future technologies in a single unified solution.