Cortex Telecommunications Intelligent Automation transforms cost, quality and performance of Network Operations, Service Operations and Enterprise Business Services.

Network Operations:

Transforming Service Assurance

Outcomes achieved within Service Assurance for CSPs:

  • 98% of incidents are automated for self-healing
  • 80% of responses are automated for self-management
  • Closure of 4 Network Operations Centres
  • Journey to Zero Touch Operations

Service Operations:

Accelerating Service Provisioning

Cortex is the Evolution of Automation for Service Provisioning providing:

  • Manual provisioning timescales were reduced by 84%
  • Order Accuracy increased to 99.3%
  • Increased order processing volume by 233%
  • Transition to Zero Touch Provisioning

Business Operations:

Enterprise Services

Intelligent Automation consistently applies Business & Technology Rules resulting in:

  • Right first time
  • Tripled Revenue
  • Reduced costs and risks
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Journey to Zero Touch Operations

Network Operations Use Cases

Cortex Intelligent Automation Software instigates and undertakes remedial actions at a service, network, element or even port level without having to engage with technical resources.

Use Cases within the Service Assurance environment include:

  • Automated Fault and Incident Mitigation
  • Automated Testing and Diagnostics
  • Automated Remediation and Testing
  • Automation Routine Maintenance
  • Automation Software Patching

Service Operations Use Cases

Faster, smarter, cheaper; Intelligent Automation accelerates Service Provisioning, increases accuracy and reduces operational costs.

  • Order Orchestration
  • Service Design & Assign
  • Service Resourcing & Activation
  • Network Capacity Planning & Multi-Vendor Activation.

Disparate systems require complex rules and knowledge result in an unreliable, intricate and lengthy configuration.

Vendor-specific tools and in-house favourite collection of spreadsheets are often neither formally managed nor adequately maintained.

Business Operations Use Cases

Cortex enables organisations to run their operations at machine speed.

This ensures high quality, right first time, every time service delivery to both internal and external customers alike.

  • Systems Access Management
  • Sarbanes Oxley Auditing
  • Customer Management – Billing and Invoicing
  • HR Management – Joiners Movers Leavers
  • Logistics
  • IT Services

We can’t afford to throw away all our existing investments; we need to incrementally evolve the architecture we’ve already got, enabling us to deliver benefits back to the business earlier”

Lester ThomasChief IT Systems Architect & Distinguished Engineer, Vodafone