The UK Telecommunications (Security) Bill will place additional burdens on UK-based CSPs and ISPs as the government establishes an enhanced legislative framework.  Currently being passed through Parliament a number of measures are being introduced which incorporate the necessity for automation and orchestration solutions.

One change the UK Telecommunications (Security) Bill is mandating is complete changes to security critical functions through automated functions where possible. Another mandate is to limit the extent of a user’s access to security critical functions.

The Cortex Intelligent Automation and Orchestration solution has been deployed by telecoms providers across the globe to address the challenges across their operations.

Cortex is monitoring and auditing the base configuration of tens of thousands of network elements and CPE, ensuring that the approved firmware versions and patches are applied, and that base configuration such as requiring SSH access (rather than Telnet), and the Cisco secret password is set and then regularly changed.

Service Provisioning

Cortex is running automated design and assign for services from SIP Trunking to international IP-VPNs, ensuring that business, technical, and security policies and rules are consistently and correctly applied.

Service Assurance

Cortex is monitoring tens of thousands of core, fixed-access and radio-access equipment. Upon identification of security related issues, Cortex immediately and autonomously takes corrective action in line with the operators’ specific policies, including re-configuring the affected equipment, and notifying local law enforcement agencies.

System Access Audit

Cortex is ensuring that those granted accesses are always accurate and current. A six-monthly audit is autonomously initiated, with every access to critical applications and systems in scope. Each access right is validated against the organisation’s employee directory, and every manager is required to confirm each continued access. With full auditability, and automatic updates when existing access is no longer required, Cortex ensures that the critical infrastructure is only accessible by those that require it.

HR Operations

Cortex has been deployed to automate the on-boarding of new employees. As each person joins the organisation, Cortex is automatically and autonomously setting up that person’s access rights to critical applications and systems, based upon their job role. And as their job role changes, Cortex automatically updates that access; adding, modifying, or removing it as required. Not only does this ensure that employees have the correct access to applications to perform their job, by operating at machine speed Cortex ensures that they have that access immediately.