Our software transforms your organisation into a high velocity, service centric environment through digitalisation, automation and orchestration. The business processes that deliver your services are comprised of decisions and actions, both of which can be automated in Cortex. Classical approaches to automation focus on automating the actions, but typically these only account for 10% of your teams’ time and effort. The other 90%; the analysis, the decisions, and the management currently lock your people into these processes.

This is where Cortex is different.

Your subject matter experts teach Cortex how to intelligently orchestrate successful outcomes of automated processes in an integrated environment. Cortex then continues to collaborate with your experts through powerful exception management to ensure continued alignment with business operations.

The ability to gather intelligence and emulate human reasoning to automate decisions is what distinguishes us from the vast majority of existing automation solutions as it enables end to end automation. This allows organisations to capture and preserve skills and knowledge on an enterprise scale.

The result? Truly self-managing, self-healing automated operations and digitalised services which manage all the exceptions, failures and problems that may occur. This means that your staff are no longer locked into transactional operations so they can focus on driving revenue through innovation, better customer service and improved reputation.

Sound complicated? Don’t worry – our intelligent automation environment requires no coding experience at all; no embedded scripts, or hidden code; no software or integration skills. Just drag and drop, which allows your operations team to create, manage and adapt visual flows directly.

Cortex + Legacy Tools =
Incremental Value

Our Intelligent Automation software works with the tools and systems you already have in place, allowing you to avoid a ‘rip and replace’ strategy and create immediate incremental value.

Our software seamlessly integrates into existing systems, to create truly autonomous, self-managing, self-healing services.

Ultimately achieving completely hands off operations whilst the strategic controls, policies and objectives remain in your hands.

Making process automation simple, one block at a time

Cortex boasts the first fully visual intelligent automation environment; no embedded scripts, or hidden code; no software or integration skills.

Just drag and drop, which allows your operations team to create, manage and adapt visual flows.

Ease of use and high accessibility are at the forefront of Cortex’s design philosophy, which creates its unique environment.

Fast ROI

Cortex radically reduces costs with 6x faster deployment utilising 4x less people.

Intelligent automation provides a code-free, visual design environment which only requires you to define the known processes and skills; anything else would be intelligently managed as an exception. This means you deploy the minimum viable process with a very short time to value using fewer people.

Cortex reduces the human errors that increase cost or reduce revenue
leading to a rapid return on investment.

Agile Operations

Cortex creates flexible operations that can change to fit the needs of your business.

Cortex enables you to create progressively smarter intelligent systems that respond to customers in minutes or seconds, not hours or days, delivering high-quality, robust services ensuring complete SLA compliance.

For a major financial services vendor, Cortex enabled them to fully automate the provisioning, configuration, and activation of end-user services across a complex global network.

High-Velocity Services

Cortex creates machine speed responses enabling 24/7 mission-critical service delivery.

Within a major communications service provider, Cortex enabled a fully automated dark front office in their service assurance function.

This transformation enabled them
to close three network operations centres whilst the resulting improvement in the quality of service secured a 300% increase in business at no additional operational cost.