Hi, I’m Will, a Graduate Software Developer at Cortex.

I received a BSc in Computer Science from the nearby University of Southampton, and found out about Cortex from a recruitment agency. Throughout the hiring process, I learnt what Cortex is, and what working for Cortex might be like. Hearing about what the product does and finding out that it uses intelligence to help it operate peaked my interest in working for the company, so I was hoping the interview process went well.

The first step of the interview process involved going into the Cortex offices for an interview day in January, during which I learnt about the company and the product. There were about 5-6 other applicants for the position who participated in the interview day as well. In the afternoon, we were assigned a team-building challenge, which we failed miserably at, but was fun nonetheless. The day also involved a couple of individual maths/logic exercises, some of which were pretty challenging, and an interview with Eddie, the Operations Director at Cortex.

A few weeks after this interview I received my offer for the position, and then in September I started work at Cortex, in a much newer office than the one used at my interview.

My first weeks at Cortex have been really fun, with interesting work being done, friends made, and lots of matches of pool!