My name is Zoe, and I’m a graduate automation engineer at Cortex. I received an MEng in Mechatronics and Robotics from the University of Sheffield’s ACSE department this summer, and then started working at Cortex soon after graduation.

Once I arrived I spent a couple of weeks familiarising myself with the Cortex automation software, and was soon working on real projects. As you get involved so quickly you have to learn fast: it is intense, but I was given all the support I needed and was encouraged to ask loads of questions.

I’m really enjoying the nature of consultancy work, as I’ve already had the opportunity to encounter multiple complex applications of the Cortex software at different points in their lifecycle, from the first design stages to performance optimisation before handover to the customer.

I recommend working for Cortex as a graduate firstly because the day-to-day work is enjoyable: the office is relaxed and social, and you’re trusted to manage your own time. Being part of a capable and dynamic project team means you’re motivated by interesting and varied work, and a sense of responsibility for the team’s.

Secondly being part of a small, rapidly growing company means that you’re introduced to all aspects of the business, from joining the development team sprint meetings to being kept up to date on the current state of Cortex’s current and future projects. You’re also able to feedback on and get involved with higher-level company objectives. For example, the projects team are currently researching competitors and possible complimentary software, developing training materials for new Cortex users, and updating the graduate recruitment process, as well as our work on automation projects.